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Recent University Graduate advises on how to get a mentor and common mentoring myths - Beauty Ade

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Beauty is a Loughborough University Graduate who currently works as a Student Engagement Officer within a Top university in the UK.She is currently a Mentor for Envision Changes.

What advice would you give someone who wants a mentor and does not know how to get one? I would say make use of the internet, we are in the world of technology which makes resources more easily accessible. Hit Google and check out mentoring services/ programmes and do some in-depth research to make sure you select the right mentor for you.

What does mentoring mean to you? Mentoring to me means receiving support, guidance on how you can go about meeting and chirping goals whether it be career, personal and more.

Would you consider yourself a mentor/mentee or both? I would consider myself a mentor and a prospective mentee.

Do you think that mentoring is a trend?

I think it depends on the intent behind it, if you are doing it for sincere reasons to actually help you further yourself. Then no, it is not a trend.

What is the one common myth about the mentoring field that you want to debunk?

Mentoring is not rigid, it is flexible and works according to your wishes and wants. You can shape your mentoring programme and select the areas you wish to focus on.

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