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Best Practice Essentials for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Owning a small business can be a hectic task with many layers. The small business world is continuously evolving, and in order to succeed, we must go above and beyond to surpass the competition. If you’re looking to maximize success in your area, it’s critical to optimize your team’s productivity, capital, mindset, and more. Today, Envision Changes shares five of the best practices that you can take as an entrepreneur to grow your small business beyond your wildest dreams.

Join the Local Chamber

A chamber of commerce is where local businesses come together to make connections and potentially help one another out. Joining one could help considerably in networking efforts, business law, and publicity. Being in contact with other like-minded entrepreneurs could lead to more advanced ideas and further opportunities.

By becoming an active member of the local chamber of commerce, you could raise your profile through association with some top-tier names in your local business landscape. What’s more, you’ll also be able to keep up-to-date on the latest information and advice.

Review Your Income Statement

Your income statement is the most valuable piece of paper that you can uti

lize to determine your company’s success and growth opportunities. Analyze your income statements and compare them to previous ones. They paint a picture of your business’s results and can help to predict its future trajectory. If you haven’t already, learn how to read one and use that information to improve and expand.

Reading an income statement, also called a profit and loss statement, is fairly simple. There are three key elements of income statements: the revenues, the expenses, and the profits. If you’re still finding your way around your financials, examine a profit and loss statement sample to see how it can potentially give you a snapshot of where your business stands. You can also use a template to simplify number-crunching, which, in turn, will help you make better business decisions.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

No matter what you’re selling, you will benefit from focusing on a target audience, which is a specific demographic of people interested in your product. To find your target audience, think about who would most likely buy what your small business is offering.

Knowing your target audience inside and out is especially important as you can use your customers’ likes and dislikes to your advantage through targeted advertising and social media. This leads to another great practice for small businesses: social media advertising. In the digital age, advertising through influencers, your business’s social media pag

e, or built-in platform ads is one of the best ways to grow your small business — especially if your target audience is on the younger side.

Offer Great Customer Service and Be Open to Feedback

Customer service is an integral part of any small business. Whether your small business has ten or thirty customers, you should always make their satisfaction a top priority. For excellent customer service, address any complaints or questions promptly. Better yet, aim to put yourself in your customers’ shoes because empathy always wins.

All businesses, old and new, have flaws they can work on. While these flaws might not be easily visible at first, especially from a CEO’s point of view, they are worth the attention. Ask other similar businesses in your local chamber of commerce to review your work and implement a feedback feature on your website for your customers. Maintaining a humble approach and an open mindset to criticism is a great way that you can improve and grow your small business.

Make Time for Self-Care

Last but certainly not least, one of the best things you can do to improve your business is make sure you’re taking your own wellbeing into account. This may sound strange at first but if you think about it, doesn’t feeling your best make it easier to do your best work? One great place to start is by optimizing your home for positivity. Keep things arranged and clutter-free so that you can enjoy your surroundings – especially if you work from home! Diet and exercise have a big impact as well, of course, but the main thing is to make sure that you’re getting the rest and relaxation you need to do your best work.

We hope this article helped you creat

e a plan of action on how to better your small business. Keep in mind the tips we discussed as you move forward. Join your local chamber of commerce, review your income statement, get to know your target audience, offer great customer service, and give yourself the care you need to do your best, and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Envision Changes is a multi-award winning mentoring and advice social enterprise birthed to educate, encourage and equip people through Mentoring, Personal, Career & Mindset Development. If you have any questions, let us know!

Article written by the talented Chelsea Lamb

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