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"Your goal should be to go on a journey not to get others to understand your journey. Although your journey is personal to you, there will be those who gain from you."

Godspromise Adeosun

Godspromise Adeosun, CEO & Founder

Godspromise Adeosun is the CEO & Founder of Envision Changes. She has won over 27 awards in recognition of her vision of how to implement change in youth culture within London. These include; Mentoring, Personal Development and Advice Award from the University of Essex. As well as being honoured Youth Ambassador from The Good Samaritan Foundation.

Godspromise was invited to speak at the University of Southampton and was amongst the speakers at the 'Keep Our Youths Safe' event alongside several mayors and councillors. Subsequently, due to her vision on how to implement change in youth culture within London she was invited to the very prestigious Lord Mayor’s Dragons Award (to celebrate business impact in society). At the dinner, Envision Changes was recognised for the impact it has had on society amongst other companies such as NatWest, Metro Bank & Allen and Overy by Lord, Lady Mayoress Alderman Charles & Mrs Samantha bowman. 

To top it all, she landed her first international podcast from Texas America, a feature on USA’ very own iheartRadio .  Godspromise is currently nominated for the Venus Award - Coined by Channel 4 as “the working women’s Oscars”.


Brenda Coffi

Brenda Coffi is a Photo/Videographer & Mentor for Envision Changes.


“My name is  Brenda Agossou - Coffi . I am also called Peace . I’ve studied  Business Management at Coventry University . At uni,  I took part in various activities e.g. Believers Love World (BLW )which is a  uni society students can join in their time at Uni.  I’ve also had experience planning various successful events at BLW Coventry and captured amazing pictures and videos at these events .  I have a strong passion for helping people, being there for people , advising my friends , family , students ,youths and young adults in general.


Michael Nortey

Michael Nortey is  Business Strategist for Envision Changes. 

Helps determine and prepare strategic plans to ensure that Envision Changes targets are met. Looks at previous strategies and practices as well as identifies areas for improvement related to establishing goals.

Michael is a software consultant at a GIS Specialist in Cambridge, Masters Graduate from the University of Surrey, Software Architect and Android Developer.

Former president and captain of the University of Essex baseball and and software.


Beauty Adeosun

Beauty Adeosun is the mentoring manager and a mentor for Envision Changes. 


Beauty is enthusiastic and hard-working individual with a great willingness to learn. She is a proud Nigerian, born in Nigeria and raised in the UK. Beauty is a graduate of Loughborough University, she holds a Bsc degree in Information Management and Business. Beauty is a great believer and advocate for volunteering and giving back to the community which has seen her be a part of the volunteer organisation, CSV. She has also been involved in other volunteering opportunities such as taking on the role of reading mentor for  young students while still in secondary school, fundraising for a local Camden Chinese Community Centre Nursery and a consistent volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospice jumble sales.Fun fact: Beauty has been fortunate to meet Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

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