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Your creativity is personal to you. Its a private space where no one has been and no one will be. Spend time in that creative space.”


Startup Development Team

The Winning CV Guide

These will focus on personal, career and mindset development. The courses/ workshops will enable our participants to self-assess, make efficient decisions and apply what they learn to their lives.

Mentoring Programme

If you are a Youth, Young Adult or an Adult. Our Mentoring Programme is completely flexible and FREE for you. We Provide mentoring in the following fields - Personal, Career, Educational and Mindset. All Mentors & Professionals will be trained.

Carpentry Class


Envision Changes also offers mentoring sessions to organisations and institutions.


Please download our pocket book for cost of service and further information


The Winning CV Guide

Now available on Amazon.

This guide will help attendees with creating a good CV, so they have a fighting chance in the working world.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking Events

Internal and external speakers will be invited to speak and impart knowledge to our attendees. Mentees will also be given opportunities to speak as a way to deal with fear of public speaking. If you are interested in Speaking at our events, click the below button to register an interest form. We will be in touch with you shortly. 

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