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Growth is not always about learning. Sometimes it requires unlearning."


As an advocate for community unity, Godspromise went around her local community (areas in London such as Hackney) and asked a wide array of people what they thought the biggest issue in the community was. 85% of the community members mentioned people not having role models and being involved in gang related crimes/issues.

As a consequence of the results from these community members, Godspromise decided to host an event aimed at young people (during the wake of gun and knife violence in London) to discuss the impacts and effects of being part of gangs. After successfully executing the event and asking probing questions she realised that all of the attendees stated that they did not have any adequate motivators, guides, Mentors or accountability partners. 

When further asked if they would like a Mentor, be it a professional lawyer, footballer, artist etc, all raised their hands. From then on, she has been able to provide professionals and Mentors at all events in which networking opportunities are a core element of the events.

Envision Changes also provides the career, Mindset & Career Development Course to help self-assessment, professional development and how to think positively. Presently, Envision Changes targets young adults from ages 16 - 30 within London. In the long term, we aim to expand past London to the wider UK.

There are three main societal challenges Envision Changes will be addressing:

  • Lack of fulfillment in career, education and life

Many people are unhappy with their current careers and are just settling. We want to offer those people the chance to take control of this by equipping them with various skills, training opportunities, workshops in order to level up. We will also be offering activities such as CV, personal statement, cover letter support, and more.

  • Negative Youth & Young Adult Culture

Unfortunately, many of our youths and young adults are entangled in negative and violent activities such as gang violence, drug abuse and much more. Envision Changes wishes to address this by placing an emphasis on the importance of personal, career and mindset development, as well as having a mentor. We want to keep young people busy in order to stop them from being idle and to minimise the chances of them getting caught up in negativity.

  • Raising Aspirations

A lot of people keep themselves in a box, possibly due to their experiences. They limit themselves and can not see their potential for greatness. They aim low or for the bare minimum and can not seem to see themselves achieving more than their current level. 

To combat this, we wish to revamp their mindset and encourage them to aim high. We will be practical with our approach, Envision Changes will provide them with the opportunity to take action towards fulfilling their goals in order to develop their confidence in raising their aspirations . For example, if someone had a fear of public speaking, we would connect them with a public speaker. The speaker would provide training and tips, they would then have the opportunity to practice speaking at one of our events. 


Tackle Challenges through

  • Public Speaking EventsInternal and external speakers will be invited to speak and impart knowledge to our attendees. Mentees will also be given opportunities to speak.

  • Courses/ Workshops – These will focus on personal, career and mindset development. The courses/ workshops will enable our participants to self-assess, make efficient decisions and apply what they learn to their lives.

  • Mentoring Programme – This will range from 3-6 months and will be designed specific to each individual to meet their needs. Mentors will act as confidants, will provide holistic support and assist with goal-setting.

  • Social Activities – This will encourage attendants to come out of their shells, get more involved, gain communication skills as well as tackle isolation and loneliness.  

  • CV Writing (Amazon) – This guide will help attendees with creating a good CV, so they have a fighting chance in the working world.

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