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Mentor receives Excellent Recommendation and shares top tips

Chantal is a Key Mentor for Envision Changes. She has been mentoring various delegates since January. After receiving an excellent recommendation, we decided to grab her and pick her brains on how to be a good mentor. We hope you enjoy this piece. (If you would like to get in touch with Chantal directly, please do send us an email).

What do mentors do? Mentors are there to support their mentees by offering trust and building long term/short term goals to provide stability and most importantly personal growth into mentees life.

As a mentor who has been mentoring people online, what advice would you give to someone trying to find a mentor online? My advice is keep on searching on the resources around you because you never know what you would find. Look on internet or even businesses and word of mouth from colleagues/friends.

As you are someone who has received an excellent mentor, how do you mentor someone?

I have received excellent mentoring from my surroundings and this has built a sense of confidence and belonging. I mentor others by showing initiative, empathy and passion for what I do, in order for my mentee to know they are not alone in any given situation and they can rise above their obstacles.

What skills do mentors need? Listening plays a vital part in mentoring, perseverance and building a strong rapport to provide trust within the communication. They need to be organised and provide structure and confidence towards mentee, going the extra mile to achieve ones goals.

What do you gain from being a mentor? I gain confidence, knowledge and personal development and also interpersonal skills.

Recommendation Chantal Received from mentee based in Texas US

I'd like to begin to say I was a mentee of Chantal Anthony for several months. She is extremely helpful, reliable and dependable. She not only possesses qualities such as those, but she’s also very technologically savvy.

Throughout our time in the mentoring program, we worked together on zoom, and Chantal was always on time and never late. She was always cheerful and willing to work and assist me with any task. She helped me improve my visual performance for my products by showing me examples, different samples, and color patterns.

Chantal also has an understanding in data visualization tools. I was extremely impressed by a PowerPoint presentation she presented to me. It was very detailed and had good information. She also advised me on the different programs, website’s, and apps that could assist me with my digital business. I would highly recommend Chantal Anthony to any future employer or volunteer organization because she has special qualities and I know she’ll be an important asset to any organization she joins.

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